10 Mar


IFEX 2014 has been chosen as the platform for the launch of two dynamic new towable barbeques from Trailblazer BBQs. They are the TRAILBLAZER 600s and the TRAILBLAZER MINI.

The Trailblazer 600s is the world’s first fully contained, commercial towable charcoal BBQ grill that can cope with any weather condition, all year round, on any terrain and for 500+ people. Trailblazer is also launching a world’s first, the “Trailblazer Hire Network”, an online booking engine that allows users to create and grow their own BBQ catering business.

Founder and MD of Trailblazer BBQ, Prof Lester Manley says “Nothing on the market globally matches the features and versatility of these new products. The combination of these unique products and the Trailblazer

Hire Network provides our customers with an unmissable business opportunity.” Thanks to the all-new Trailblazer towable barbeque range, outdoor entertaining anywhere, anytime and for any number of people is now better than ever

While enjoying all the conveniences usually associated with gas, the charcoal powered Trailblazer is the only serious barbeque option for large groups. Whatever the weather, wherever you are, everyone can enjoy the authentic smoky taste that charcoal provides.

Trailblazer BBQs have been designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland and are therefore very excited to launch at IFEX 2014. However, Prof Manley sees this as a truly global initiative, with interest already coming in pre-launch from Europe and the United States. The product is supported by design patents and trademarks in most major parts of the world.

Warren Manley, Operations Manager at Trailblazer BBQ says “The preparation for this launch has been very exciting and we expect there to be widespread interest in this new business opportunity both for existing catering businesses and for those who are just starting out. Trailblazer BBQs and the Trailblazer Hire Network offer an unrivalled and enticing proposition to the marketplace.

10th March 2014

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