Did you know that it’s virtually impossible to break a double glazed window? When the question was put to us we where convinced that throwing something heavy at a window would break it...turns out we were wrong.

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A double-glazing window unit is actually a seriously tough material, making it virtually impossible to break without the aid of specialist equipment and even then you need to hit it in a specific location. In the event of a fire, this could leave you trapped.

LM Innov8s approached us with their latest invention, designed to overcome this life threatening hazard. After several naming convention workshops, we settled on the product “breakout” as that’s exactly what it does at the touch of a button. This simple but effective device allows anyone from a child to an elderly pensioner to turn any double glazed window into an escape route, thus saving lives. So far breakout has been a smashing success and LM Innov8s have started developing their latest version, designed for the public transport sector.

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Designed to break through double glazed windows with the press of a button

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