At Manleys we strongly believe in the edutainment factor as being a strong educational tool. When HSENI approached us with the task of providing them with a new exhibition stand for the Balmoral show we presented them with the idea of an interactive stand...

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... that was designed to engage with people and draw them in, rather than just another cold corporate solution with safety messages.

Building on the back of their existing campaign, stay farm safe, we designed a game based exhibition for children, highlighting the dangers and pit falls of the modern day farm.

The concept worked exceptionally well, drawing in crowds of young people and children accompanied by adults. As the children played, this allowed HSENI staff to chat with a lot of the older farmers and help raise awareness of the dangers of PTO shafts and slurry pits.

HSENI logo design and branding HSENI stand concept design
HSENI screen concept
HSENI table and chairs design
HSENI stand at a trade show
HSENI kids area
HSENI side view
HSENI full stand



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