Lough Derg

It's not everyday you get asked to help market and preserve a national treasure. So when Lough Derg presented us with the quandary of overcoming an out of date perception alongside a keen desire to extend a wider welcome, we welcomed the challenge.

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We knew it was going to take some careful planning and delicate creative application to preserve the integrity of a 1,500 year old pilgrimage, yet build a brand with strong awareness and brand values for a modern day marketplace. So we put our thinking caps on and after a few long nights burning the midnight oil, we hatched a 5 year marketing plan, to ensure a healthy future and celebrate this unique sanctuary and its history. We felt it was time for a complete brand refresh on a grand scale including everything from a new logo design to outdoor advertising, multimedia, signage and enhanced visitor experience. We also rebranded their passenger ferries and produced a bespoke booklet describing the island’s qualities, history and pilgrimages. As for advertising and marketing, their visitor numbers just keep getting better and better, helping to ensure a exciting journey ahead for this unique island.

Lough Derg Island
Lough Derg reception Lough Derg open space Lough Derg sanctuary
Lough Derg description board design Lough Derg boat branding
Lough Derg boat logo design Lough Derg basilica sign Lough Derg raised logo design
Lough Derg booklet exterior design Lough Derg booklet interior design
Lough Derg labrynth logo design
Lough Derg Patrick the Pilgrim logo design
Lough Derg saint Joseph logo design
Lough Derg heart logo design
Lough Derg cloister logo design
Lough Derg penetential beds logo design
Lough Derg Davog house logo design
Lough Derg cross logo design
Lough Derg Saint Mary's Church logo design
Lough Derg the bell tower logo design

A series of colourful icons were devised to depict various features of the island and played an important part in the new signage that we created for the island.

Next year we are planning one of Lough Derg's most challenging projects ever, 'The Kitchen Museum'.

Lough Derg museum
Lough Derg museum wall brand



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