A new social phenomenon of focusing our community resources back into the smaller towns is rising fast and Manleys Team is again at the forefront of capturing and painting a picture of proposition through innovative multimedia.

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In the last several decades, the UK has been shifting - uneasily - from a loosely connected world of small towns and small businesses to an industrialised network of cities, large companies and tech-savvy consumers who spend the majority of the day online. Things like easy access to food, Internet shopping and the need for professionals whose jobs didn't exist just 5 years ago create an "uneasy" environment for our society and economy. The visual, social and economic impact has been manifested in the decline of our town centres. Believing each challenge can be overcome with innovation and engagement is at the heart of the High Street Hub.

Introduced by ThinkTasc, the High Street Hub is a new a vibrant, social, activity and information resource in your town centre, a new focal point for community development and social engagement. It will focus your town's resources in a welcoming, central location, bringing together local agencies to drive new standards in health, employment, training, community involvement and town centre regeneration.

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